Own A Booth System

Do you already have a location and want a 3D Booth System? Try our profitable all-in-one 104 Camera Booth Systems. With our 3D Booth System, operators do not need any special 3D scanning experience. With then built in software we install on scanner and computer you can easy capture a full-body scan in seconds, also allowing you to preview your within minutes.



  • 104 Camera U-SCAN Booth System
  • Wireless triggering apps on major platforms
  • Software (incl. Firmware updates)
  • Short training to your staff
  • Mobile & easy to setup.
  • Towers with high-definition camera technology
  • Perfectly coordinated software enables a smooth process
  • Post Processing and 3D Printing
  • Integrated LED Lightning.
  • Scan Duration: data acquisition from 1 / 100s
  • Detection technique: 104 Board Cameras 5 MP resolution for each local data collection
  • Power specification: 1 x 90-230 V AC power supply with min. U.S. Power Available
  • Wireless triggering apps allow persons to capture their scan.)

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